Probate Leads represent the very best residential real estate-related lead source available today. Within 4-6 mos of the probate filing, ~40% of the properties found will be sold . No other lead source even comes close!

2013-11-29 06:57

With access to so many services, Longhorn can be a wealth of education and information to any real estate investor, new to experienced. Whether you’re borrowing hard money to exponentially grow your real estate portfolio or hard money lending to earn above average returns in your IRA, we’re here to help!

2013-10-08 10:28

Realty411 Academy is a learning resource for real estate investors. Stay tuned for training content from some of the best minds and top producers in the business.

2013-07-02 07:30

Ginger is a motivated real estate professional with impeccable ability and drive. She has the heart of a lion and is always looking to offer her expertise and creative solutions to close the next deal. She is gracious, warm, and a true leader.

2013-07-02 06:47

Investor’s Edge University will teach you about real estate investing from short sale investments to real estate foreclosures.

2013-07-02 06:40

The objective is to help you stay on top of all assignments and responsibilities by adapting key planning and decision-making routines, and using a scheduling system, like Outlook, an iCalendar, or a Google Calendar.

2013-06-20 11:22